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Recommended By EC2014

Dear J/24 friends

First of all we are happy to see that so many of you have already made reservations at Klitterbyn for the Europeans.
As for today the sailors village at Klitterbyn is fully booked during the regatta period.

EC2014 recommends the following alternatives:

e-mail web by car from harbor
info@riversidehotel.se www.hotelriverside.se Hotel/appartments – 5 minutes
info@rabockacamping.se http://www.rabockacamping.se/sv/boende/stugor Cottages/camping – 2 minutes
info@hotelpaletten.com  www.hotelpaletten.com Hotel – 6 minutes
info@klitterhus.com www.klitterhus.com

Hotel – 0 minutes

lilton@hotel-lilton.se www.hotel-lilton.se

Hotel – 5 minutes

info@hotelvalhallpark.se www.hotelvalhallpark.se

Hotel – 3 minutes

info@angelholmsvandrarhem.se www.vandrarhemmetiangelholm.se

Hostel – 4 minutes

stf.magnarp@telia.com www.magnarpsvandrarhem.se

Hostel – 5 minutes

Accomondation can also be found here (link)  (maybe with a little google translate) :)

Sailors village, (Fully Booked)

Logo Klitterbyn

Klitterbyn Lodge
EC2014 recommends J/24 sailors to stay at Råbocka Lodge, Klitterbyn while competing at the Audi J/24 European Open Championship 2014. Råbocka Lodge is located only 1600m from the harbour area and can be accessed via a beautiful beach promenade.
Råbocka Lodge is a holiday village with 106 fully equipped traditional coastal cottages all located in Havsbaden, Ängelholm. The 6 km long, shallow beach is 300m away. In the forest there are bike and walkingpaths and jogging trails.  Picture Gallery (press the icon of Klitterbyn)

It is important to make reservations as soon as possible due to other big events in the Ängelholm area during the same week.

Regatta Offer (Fully Booked)

Self house hold, C-House, 5-6 persons, check in 9th August, check out 16th August 2014. 
Price: 7500 SEK.* / House. Please use Promotion code: 85588.
Price example per crew member/night: 187,50 SEK (8 nights, 5 persons)

Dear J/24 friends.
First of all we are very happy to see that so many of you have already made reservations at the Klitterbyn for the Europeans.
As for today the possibility to make reservations for check in on the 9:th are limited but there are plenty of cottages in the Klitterbyn still to book for arrival on the 10:th.
We recommend crews to take that offer (10:th) and book accommodation for one night (9:th) at one of the following alternatives (close and affordable):

e-mail web by car from harbor
info@lingvallen.se Lingvallenvandrarhem  2 minutes
stf.magnarp@telia.com Magnarpsvandrarhem  5 minutes
info@angelholmsvandrarhem.se  Vandrarhemmetiangelholm  2 minutes

If you need assistance please use our contact form and we will do our best to assist you.

Sailors Village Regatta Offer 
PDF Icon
Reservation form Klitterbyn
(download, use Adobe Reader)

PDF icon2 

Please fill in the separate reservation form and e-mail to: bokning@klitterbyn.se
Telephone: +46 (0) 431-45 86 00
(Please state Promotion code: 85588, and sail number)

Råbockavägen, Ängelholm,  www.klitterbyn.se



Our Hotel partners will be presented here shortly

For more information on accommodation during the event, consult the list of hotels via the website: http://boka.engelholm.com/en/accommodation


The Caravan & Campsite is situated just a short walk from the Sailors Village Råbocka Lodge,    Klitterbyn and is located just 1500m from the harbor area. Råbocka campsite offers about  300 plots for caravans, campers and tents, all of them with electricity. The camp     site also offer a full service Restaurant (open daytime and evenings), an all-day open Mini-grocery   and an Ice-cream Bar. Wireless Internet is also available.
For booking please visit: http://bokning.paxess.se/rabocka/ 

Råbocka Camping
Råbockavägen 101, Ängelholm
Tel. +46 (0) 431-105 43

NB: ONLY for Caravans and Campers, NO TENTS ALLOWED!
Price: 150 SEK/night, electricity and shower included in the price.  For booking contact:
e-mail: info@afh.nu
Tel. +46 (0)431-   21325 (land line)
Tel. +46 (0)70-6150950 (cell phone)
For more information on accommodation during the event, consult the list of hotels via the website: http://boka.engelholm.com/en/accommodation 




Ängelholms Vandrarhem
Landshövdingevägen 2
262 52 Ängelholm

Tel: +46 (0) 431-19335


Tourist information

Tourist information office